Moments of indulgence

Get to know Salzburg's Old Town from its best side: At KOLLER+KOLLER on Waagplatz, tradition and modernity meet in a unique combination. This is where your individual moments of indulgence are created. Find your own personal oasis of well-being with us. Cosy parlour, chic day bar or would you rather go out into the sun? You have all the possibilities at KOLLER+KOLLER.

Dining in the most beautiful atmosphere

Fine dining at KOLLER+KOLLER


On the ground floor, 60 places

Carpe diem - Seize the day! This is precisely the thought from which the idea for the modern day bar was born. Because why should you only be allowed to enjoy yourself in the evening? All those who also want to be spoiled during the day are exactly in the right place here.

Outdoor restaurant

100 places

What could be better than a cosy get-together in fresh air? Our outdoor restaurant invites you to a "summer night's dream". Let you hair down and enjoy the time in the unique atmosphere of the historic Waagplatz.

Salzburger Stube

On the first floor, 44 places

Cosiness is in the air. In keeping with its name, the Stube exudes traditional Salzburg charm. The atmosphere is enhanced with paintings by the famous Salzburg artist Lotte Ranft.


On the first floor, 15 places

The charming parlour is named after the Salzburg architect Clemens Holzmeister, who designed the exterior façade of KOLLER + KOLLER and whose original painting can also be admired in the room itself.

Fischer Stube

On the first floor, 20 places

The Fischer Stube owes its name to the old fish tank in front of the entrance. The room itself is also inspired by fishing.

Special moments for our guests

Celebrate the festivities as they come and do so in an atmospheric setting. More info

That certain something for our conference guests

Hospitality is the main focus at KOLLER+KOLLER. More info
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